Monday, July 15, 2013


Hi all!

Have you ever felt the feeling of satisfaction of achieving something really really big! So big that you could not even believe you did that?

Well, I have. Not once, not twice but a few more times! First it was when I passe my GCE Advanced Level Examination with flying colours and when I got to know that I would be able to attend to one of the best Engineering colleges in the South East Asia, the Faculty of Engineering, University of Moratuwa. Then in was when I was selected to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering at the university which is one of the most sort after departments!

Then it was THIS! :)
I first heard of this via a friend of mine, last  year! The GNOME Outreach Programme For Women. After going through the webpage and the promotional material I thought I was not good enough to get selected let alone do something that BIG!

Then after I went through the 6 months' compulsory internship programme, where I got to work in the REAL industry, I thought that I could really do a difference, that I was capable of doing anything anyone could do! So I thought I was ready for the OPW! :)

This time I got a superb mentor! Elin from Joomla! She literally did a huge task in this from the point of encouraging me to apply to the point of getting selected!

It was the 27th of May! The decisive hour arrived & MY NAME WAS THERE!!! on the list of the accepted candidates! Now that was the moment I felt that rare sense of satisfaction! The feeling that I am worth it! The feeling that I have achieved something (although I really hadn't achieved it yet, I am still on  my way there! :D)

That is the beginning of my OPW story! Now every story has a happy ending! But I am sure this one does, because I am going to write my own story & I LOVE happy endings! :)

See you with my next update!

Stay Hungry! Stay Foolish! :)  

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